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Short innovation method is the result of our long creative experience with the main brands. It has started designing communication projects.

By creating communication projects we have experienced that short advertising formats, creative skills and digital media tools can be applied to create poster, spot or banner. But even to design “shorter” services and products and to test them in a more economic and measurable way. The output of short innovation process is a campaign, that tests the new product or service benefits with a real target.

For example:


We are developing a universal module to “play with your home”. Through the campaign feedback we test and quickly modify the concept, until proposing the best and the shortest solution. Only if the campaign has really succeeds will our client start with pre-production.

For a clothing brand we are testing the t-short, “a simple and cool way to communicate your professional identity”.


This soundproof helmet allows everyone to record vocals with the same quality of a professional (and expensive) audio-room. Or more simply, to perform call conferences without interfering with neighbors in shared work environments.

Stand App turns your smartphone into a mini trainer that tells you in real time when you miss a movement and what to do to correct yourself. Thanks to a new use of the accelerometer, Stand App records your movements, comparing them with those made by real athletes and trainers in the database.

Short innovation method is applied to services design or to develop an Apps, an editorial projects, a video format. The goal is the same: create value, attention, visibility…by reducing.

Future CV is a short’s service that we offer to recrutiment and outplacement agencies: starting from personale cv, allow to candidate to bring out his real skills, needs, goals, creating a frame that drives people professional future.


This is the logo of the first simplification platform, an open innovation project actually in beta working version.

The site invites users to rethink complex knowledge in a short and universal format and to allow learning in techonological enviroments, where attention and time are limited. Thanks to our intellink engine, the short knowledge is automatically.

Digital Angels is a social project that connects young digital natives in a simple way with the needs of people who has difficulties with new technologies.


“Quantum physics explained to goldfish”(who, like us, has an average attention of 8 seconds) is the first title of books series on complex themes explained through and short and envolving format derived from advertising.

The secret of my failure is at the same time a book and a new video series that tells in a funny way the failures of many famous people and not: “because failure is the shortest way to success”


The Poppet is a short video series that tell the story of a little pope, a character that will become a real toy!




Work-Short is a “learning by doing” exeprience that we have developed for I.E.D., N.A.B.A. and Domus Academy, leading universities in design and applied arts.


The shorter is a new monographic publication that invites journalists and creatives from different sectors to talk about a topical issue. And to design together a shorter solutions that improve people’s lives.