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Small Business Award is an international prize that selects small innovative companies around the world. 5hort received this award for introducing the short innovation method and tools, a new application of advertising and digital marketing, results of our long creative experience in communication with global brands.

By creating commercials, campaigns and digital projects we realized that creative skills, short advertising formats and digital media tools can be used not only to carry out communication projects. But also to improve learning and innovation processes. To design simpler services and products. And even to develop them in a more economical and measurable way.

The output of short innovation process is a concept-campaign, that tests the new product or service benefits with a real target.

For example: we are developing a universal module to “play with your home”.Through the campaign feedback we test and quickly modify the concept, until proposing the best and the shortest solution.

This soundproof helmet allows everyone to record vocals with the same quality of a professional (and expensive) audio-room. Or more simply, to perform call conferences without interfering with neighbors in shared work environments.


The campaign’s feedback drives  developing and production phases.

In this way innovation process becomes more integrated, economical and measurable, working even within realities and companies with few resources or high resistance to change.

The short method enters the company thanks to the “shorter”, a new creative resource that we have introduced in collaboration with design and advertising schools. For more information on short innovation services, courses, licenses: